I really like this guy who I 'met' online, but how do I take things further?

Ok so long story story I met this guy on one of those free dating sites. p.s. I barely have any history in dating and not even kissed ever.

Anyways this guy is ambitious, athletic, OK cute. He actually knows how to have a proper conversation and I didn't get creepy msgs like what's your body type and can I have a body picture. However, he moved he from a different town to do research and study, he seems busy with that but times he says he's out with friends too. I finally got him to exchange numbers with me because he was hesistant of who is online and thinking it might be a creepy dude. Anyways, after a week of talking though not constantly because he isn't on the website as much, he then asked for my picture. I sent it, he gives his number and we texted... but he's not texting back and forth properly. ie) I answered his question in my text like 7 hrs ago and he hasn't replied.

1) Are there any steps I can take to make him respond more or he's just not that into me and I should just let it be?

2) Any specific things I should say so he would actually ask me out I don't want to initiate that too :( it'll make me seem super desperate.

3) Should I ask him what he's looking for?

He's legit someone I would date and its hard to find people like that.


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  • First, check out link - feel free to watch the show on MTV or the movie.

    Based on the few words you've written, I hate to say it but I think you're being played. Especially since you are so inexperienced.

    There are lots of guys around - if he won't come clean and be more open, why would you want to be with him anyway?

    And if he does grow a pair and start communicating ... I honestly wish the best of luck to you both


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  • I would say keep in friendly and wait for him to make the first move. Its just easier that way because you don't have to put yourself out there.

    • So should I still text him first tommorow like good afternoon or something?

    • nope, if he is interesting he won't forget. He may just be trying to play mind games because he is insecure.

  • Ok. Ask him that you will like to know him better and maybe suggest a cup of coffee or something.


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  • wait for him to do that