4 weeks of no contact.

I was told 6 weeks ago 'I don't know how I feel anymore.'

He blocked me on whatsapp. I text him 3 times in the first week. No response.

After a week he unblocked me.

I told him to block and delete my number if he didn't have the courtesy to reply to my texts and I wasn't enjoying his unblocking/blocking game.

He blocked me. I called later and he cut my calls off.

I sent him a text saying I was hurt with how he ended things and was unresponsive. And I would never contact him ever again.

He called me after the text, I never answered.

Neither of us have initiated contact since then.

I miss him. I never received any closure and sometimes I feel he's waiting for me to contact. It's his birthday on Monday. Do I disregard it and continue with no contact?

4 weeks of no contact.
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