I might just drive myself crazy. Guys & girls please help!

Is it possible for a guy to still have feelings for his ex girlfriend after three years?! My ex and I didn't have a bad break up we've always gotten along but things happened for us to mutually decide to break up. We still keep in contact from time to time & talk like we're still dating. I woke up to a text yesterday out of the blue from him at 2am asking if I was awake. Of course, I wasn't. I then randomly woke up at 6am and responded... he responded almost immediately. He told me he can't talk to me around certain people aka his girlfriend. We continued to talk and it went back to old times with pictures and I wish you were next to me kind of thing. I was receiving 2-4 texts before I could respond to one of his messages. He has always told me no one knows how he likes it besides me & I do it the best.. we continued to just talk all day and he then said "sooo you're going to be mad at me" he told me he was going to the beach with his girlfriend for the weekend and couldn't really talk to me until he got back. I told him I'm single now and he said perfect and I told him to just get rid of his girlfriend he said "i'll work on it." Now I'm sitting here going crazy thinking about everything like what is going on?! what is he thinking and how are things going to work out. He told me everything is going to work out the way it's supposed to in the end and I'm just dying to know how that is.


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  • its possible. he still has feelings for you.

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