I don't know what to think.

I have been talking to this kid for a little over 2 weeks. We have both made it pretty obvious that neither of us want a significant other at the moment. When I first started talking to him he liked my cousin. Then she got mad because he was talking to me too. So we have messed around a couple times. I have stayed the night at his house a couple times. In front of my friends he acts like he likes me, in front of his friends he is still pretty flirty but not as much. At first he would text me a million times a day about the stupidest stuff. The past couple days he is being pretty short with me. I don't get what is going on. My friends tell me he likes, I on the other hand don't know. I am just confused. Should I just wait it out? Or should I ask him what he thinks is going on?


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  • similar situation to me, this guy I'm talking to atm when I first met him went for my cousin, they kissed but nothing happened as she got back with her boyf the next day. well I meet him on my own (not planned) on a night out we got talking and he used to tell me he wished he had gone with me not my cousin etc, well we we're texting for a month until we stepped up the game and I went to meet him a couple times, exactly like how you say, they make you feel really special.

    If it was him doing all the texting before I'd wait a few days, make yourself seem like you have this interesting life and he's only a small part of it. I'm having to do this now with this guy (it kills you I know!) as he always used to text me but now he has no credit and I don'r want to be ringing and texting as I think if he actually likes me he'd get credit or call of a mates phone (which he did once).

    He may be busy or having something going off in his life that means he can't talk to you how he wants, when its early days guys don't want us to see them as having problems etc. Just let him come to you, after a few days if you haven't heard from him invite him out with your mates for general get together and restart from there. good luck x


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  • i would say something like "if you like me you should make a move on it cause I'm not going to be sitting here waiting for you" unless you want to wait on him... or you can't just stop texting and calling him... and when he calls/texts you answer but done go into details... be short with him and see if that doesn't help him communicate with you more... I'm not sure what YOU want out of this "relationship" but think about what you want and if its not something he shows/tells you he wants then don't bother with it

  • I would ask him what is going on instead of talking to his friends. The relationship (whatever it is) is between you and him. Plus, communication is important.