What do you expect while dating a skinny tall girl?

I am very well educated, with a decent job. Quite tall (5 ft 7), and skinny. Men say I am good-looking, with long legs, round butt, and cute face. Many rich men are chasing me. They have high education, and own companies, intelligent and handsome. We dated, and I also have feeling on some of them. But I am really afraid that when they found out I am flat-chested, they will run away. So I never slept with western guys. Just always dressed up, dated, some hugs and small kisses, and left. They thought that I was too proud and or playing hard to get. But I am just feeling too inferior. Is there any guy like flat chested skinny girls? I guess they knew that I am flat-chested, from my appearance, so what do they expect while dating a skinny tall girl?

Forgot to mention, I am Asian...


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  • flat chest... who cares. ps I'm rich as well and want to meet a tall asian!


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  • You're quite good to me.


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  • the same as with any other girl

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