Was I the who made her act aloof? Send a second text?

We've been flirting and she's been showing heavy signs of interest, but she wants us to do facetime before we meet. My only problem is the latest contact we had:

ME: You should add Neighbours to your collection of very bad aussie TV shows that you like x"

HER - Thanks for your advice x" (Took 3 hours to reply)

ME - No problem (I guess I acted aloof as I assumed she was, guessing she wasn't?)

HER - Ars*y as fack

(At 1am onwards)

ME - And what will you do about it

HER - Shut up

ME - You're not that bad

HER - I'm drunk and have argued with my ex... Please don't wind me up tonight

ME - Then I promise before you go to sleep, you'll have a smile on your face

HER - Make it happen

ME - Knock knock

HER - Whose there xx

(I tell a short joke about me being naked and her neighbours raising pitchforks after me, links in to a joke I told her last time she laughed at)

HER - Prove it x

(Then I explain how I'd prove it)

HER - (yawn emoticon with couple of Z's)

ME - What you dreaming about there?

HER - You, not being a tw*t

ME - Still sounds like a decent dream. I'm off to dream proper, night

HER - Bye

Then early afternoon I sent:

ME: Don't think I'm going to give up making you smile.. And I'm not having you think I'm a tw*t either x

I haven't had a reply for a day and half yet, she's been checking Facebook on her phone though and updated twitter occasionally.

I feel stupid for having that conversation since she mentioned she was drunk, probably best to have left it. I also feel stupid for sending that last text too, but I don't want her thinking of me as a tw*t.

Should I wait another day to send a second text, but send something funny and ignore anything that's happened etc? Was it my fault she might have acted like this because I assumed she was aloof when she wasn't?

It's confusing as she was partially playing along but was drunk. But then again, she would have been sober when she saw my text later on that day.


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  • she sounds like she likes to argue a lot... you find that hot? To me that would get old quick... plus she still talks to her ex... red flag!

    • She never does this before. Only time she's given me short answers is when I act c*cky funny with her. Yeah I noticed she's replied to her ex on twitter too in a friendly way a few months back, but otherwise I haven't seen anything else.

      I don't get the arguing with her ex though, drinking in person? on the phone? messaging? I don't want to call her out on it either, jealousy isn't a good sign

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  • well I think you are wasting your time with her.

  • move on dude


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  • You're quite over thinking things.

    • Yeah I am, but I suppose with her mentioning her ex I was bound to be. She replied to my second text a couple of hours after. I sent something like "I want to talk to you but some dumb security guard is stopping me getting into the zoo.. any chance of you escaping?". She replied "Oo oo ah ah ah" with a monkey face

  • shes not worth it

    • She doesn't usually act like this though