Why is he acting like this?

so OK I met this guy on okcupid website months ago he message me first really sweet message saying tours end who knows maybe I'm the one you are looking for. We messaged a while then we went off too texting he suggested we text like week then we lost touch then all of a sudden months later we reconnected he started following me on instagram and we added each other on Facebook. He started texting a lot this time around and kep asking to hang out but we always end up having stuff come up. Then one night he was off but a firend of mine was here anyways we really opened up he asked what I was looking for I said a realtionship he said same as me. so we agreed we exchanged a lot of pictures not bad one he call me sexy and adorable and say I have such a kissable face and so on and how he wished he could like coudle with me. He even called me sweetie when saying good night. The night before we met he said I know exaclty where you at since we knew we where like two blocks away now from each other this time talking he found me through the gps on our smart phones. Anyways not making confuseing this Friday he was coming from school I guess and he was likei m passing by your house so he passed by I walked out we talked he complimented on how I look and so on quiet a bit lol. we talked a bit he gave me a hug when he left. He left and said I looked good still after he left. Next day he tells me too leave him alone? Just becasue he posted something depressing on Facebook I know he has a kid and baby mama who is married but then why insist so much to hang out then tell me too back off. I don't get him at all. I was like doesyour status mean you don't want to hang out again he like I want too be alone right now... I'm like oh OK you insist on meeting hten you push me away and he went off on me and said I'm going too a rought patch and you are pournig guilt on me god leave me alone you are just like others. Later he posted there are voids in his life he well never fill in ... I'm like ughhh is this guy depressed he3 was not liek this ... So he hasn't dletred me on Facebook or isntagram shall I dlete him or wait what he says. he used to like all my instagram picts he stopped now. But I also say a girl always tags him when he goes for his kids tagging as boyfriend and son months aog and even now as a firend.. I don't get it ie he a player or is he really going through stuff I don't get... Its like he still hasn't dleted me off Facebook or instagram but he hasn't posted nothing no more like he used too a lot before I'm worried but upset at him we really opend up sigh I don't get it I really dont... help what too think here


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  • it could really be a lot of reasons, just give him time and he could possibly come around

    • yeah thanks after all he knows where I live at he literlly around the corner he still on my Facebook its annoying seeing him online on chat but not saying anything I know he lives on it lol on mobile so who knows... I was honest I was me and he well ... who knows... I really like thisperson how he was ughhh men I guess lal I can do is see if he ever comes back but not expect it

    • exactly, he is not all going on in your life nor he should be

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  • he is dumb and doesn't know what he's feeling

    • well I do we ahvent deleted each toher off Facebook or instagram and today I happend too go on his page and he said this as his status you break my heart yet you wanna talk like nothing is wrong wtf are you serious this boy had a girl on the side and was trying to have me on the side... ughhhh men are stupid I was on instagram and viewed my feedback he liked ot her girls picts and he followed more tohers whatever men are stupid

  • he migh tjust not know what he wants or something.

    • yeah posibbly he just hurt my feelings becasue he acted like he was into me every single night for a while until the night after we met :/ oh well I guess let him be

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