Should I worry or just go with how I feel?

I'm 17 and a girl.

My boyfriend is 16, and we started dating almost two months ago and he had to leave this summer to go out of state.

It's sorta weird we text then get kinda distant then start texting again. Well this week I was the distant one, I got super busy with work and was way too tired to talk or even do anything and not to mention I hate talking on the phone with anyone, I like it in person.

Anyway a couple days ago he tells me he's going camping and he hasn't texted Ina few days, he sent me the camping text then never replied or anything. I figured he's busy, and well I still do.

I'm just wondering, it's been a few days I messages him yesterday just to say I love you or something since I've been unaffectionate this week but no reply. Should I be worried?

I'm surprised cause usually I'm concerned but honestly I really don't care and I'm not worried in the least. Considering our ages, should I even worry? I know he's spending the summer with outside family anyway.

I kinda don't really think he's cheating but if so oh well, it's not like I'm doing anything with them anyway. If they are oh well.

I'm just assuming my intuition is correct and I don't need to sweat it. I'm just kinda bored and wanted to talk to them, but oh well.

am I more than likely correct and they're just busy? We don't have an open gushy mushy relationship, it's sorta private between us and while I care about them, I can also say I'm not going to ruin my day for them.

So should I worry or think he's with family?


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  • One- he's 16. Two- he's with family. Three- he's probably still camping, that means no signal. And four- focus on your studies. Both of you are still way to young.


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  • dont worry about it

  • dont worry.

  • You sound like you don't care so why worry, just leave it at that.

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