Flirting halftime, then suddenly he flipped a coin

This guy and I were playing the game. You know, 'Lol' from me, ':)' from him. We were talking everyday and though the night. Then the game stopped. He just stopped texting back. I have no clue why. I call it halftime, because I feel like a performace went on and I missed it. I stopped texting him and went on with my life. Then he sends a picture of his tattoo on his arm in a group message, a month later. I answered with a short, wordless reply. He then answers outside the group message, asking me personally on what I mean. I throw a 'Nothing. its nice.' He intercepts my play on shortness with 'Thank you :)' This game is about to turn into a brawl. What is the other team (him) doing?


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  • you can't tell stuff by texting, if he's doesn't do anything outside of texting he's just not interested.

    • ...There was plenty face to face talking.

    • what signs did he gave on face talking?