Should I be worried? Confused. Please help!

So within the past week I formed a "summer fling" with this one guy.

We've been texting a lot and 2 nights ago we hooked up for the first time.

Things went extremely well and he even said "you turn me on so much" and "it's so hard to not rip your clothes off". We ended on a really good note too and he actually texted me about 2 hours after I left saying "no text?!"

We then texted for a bit.

My concern though is that we haven't talked since. I tried texting him yesterday asking what his plans were for the night and he never replied and we didn't talk at all today.

I know he has his phone too and I know it hasn't been that long it's just odd considering we've been texting practically everyday for the past week and I'm confused because, as previously mentioned, nothing bad happened and clearly we ended on a good note since he texted me first after hooking up.

I'm just not really sure what's going on here and if it means anything. Thoughts?


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  • it was just a hook up


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  • no, don't worry

  • well I think he only wanted sex.

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