Where do I stand with him?

There's this guy I've known since my sophomore year in high school and I've been crazy about him ever since. We dated until my junior year and sadly he moved to another city. We broke up because he didn't feel like a long distance relationship would work. However..we still act like a couple til this day..but we aren't officially together. He visited me once two years ago. Til this weeked, we hadn't seen each other. But we spent some time together and overall I think we both were mutually happy to be together. The thing is, I always get mixed signals from him. When we text and call, he's not very open with feelings and neither am I because I don't know where I stand with him. Out of the blue, he may something sweet or even hint of a future together. But I just don't know. Also sometimes he's a jerk but I've noticed he quickly changes his attitude or feels bad about it. He has never said I love you. Until this weekend when we saw each other he momentarily said "God I'm in love" as he hugged me but I don't know if he was joking around or..

He cuddled over to me the next morning and...I'm just really confused on where I stand with him. Honestly I adore him and I have a strong feeling we'd still be officially dating if he'd never moved. The fact that we are still talking gives me hope. Btw..we don't date other people. At least I don't. You never know lol. Sorry if it's a lot of information..it's just really complicated.


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  • well don't put too muhc meaning on texting. if when he saw you he was good tka that as a good thing, he is obviously into you and appreciates you. just talk to him about your relationship.