Why would he tell me to go home when I wouldn't cuddle?

Okay, so my neighbor and I have been flirting up a storm lately, but he keeps on sending mixed signals. For instance, he'll ask me to make out with him, and then play it off like he was joking or just drunk. But he still keeps talking to me after he plays it off.

Anyway, I was drunk last night and he invited me over to sit around his firepit and hang out. My best friend told me not to go over, but my neighbor kept pushing it, so finally I gave in and went over. Once I got there, things were pretty low key, we mostly chatted and then things got flirty again. For example, he's a little older than me, so I called him a cradle robber. He claimed he only invited me over to be neighborly. I brought up the fact that asking someone to make out with you isn't a neighborly thing to do. We razzed each other about sports teams, etc.

So anyway, we go inside so that he can show me around his house, which I have never really seen before. We're getting ready to go out back, and he stops me and pulls me back up to him, puts his arms around me and goes in for a kiss. I kind of turned away, because I was nervous, and we went back outside, where we proceeded to flirt.

Then we ended up going inside to watch TV. We were sitting on the couch, and he put his arm around me. A couple minutes later, he grabbed my chin so he could kiss me. I put my head down on his shoulder and asked, "Can you tell I'm nervous?" He said he could, but he didn't know why. He tried to kiss me again a few minutes later, and I kind of let him.

Then he got up to go to the bathroom, and I made a joke. He told me to shut it, I told him to make me, and he came over to me. Put his arms on either side of me, and kissed me twice. When I made some sarcastic comment about his beer breath, he leaned his forehead into mine and whispered, " I got you to shut up though." So I laughed and told him to go to the bathroom.

He came back out and asked if I wanted to cuddle. I got kind of nervous, because I knew I was drunk and didn't want to do anything I would regret. Plus, he knows I'm a virgin and he knew I was nervous just being there. When I told him no, he basically said, "Well you can go home." So I said, "Fine, I will!"

When I got home, I sent him a message saying that I thought he was cute and fun to be around, but I've never really cuddled with anyone before. This morning he sent me a message saying, "Yeah just ignore me."

Honestly, what is his deal? Why would he just tell me to go home? What is with all the mixed signals? Am I just a potential booty call or is he actually interested? Furthermore, should I confront him about the mixed signals? It is driving me nuts! I just want a shred of clarity from this situation.


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  • My guess is booty call. He doesn't sound like he's done anything that says he wants more than that. He wants a FWB most likely.

    Ignore him and figure out what your standards are. If he's genuinely interested he'll step up, if not, then you know he was looking for a hook-up.


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  • idk he's pretty immature if you ask me

    • So you don't think he might have felt like I rejected him? We were both pretty tipsy too.

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  • becasue you didn't seem like a girl who would put out.