Wedding Date Etiquette - Splitting Costs

I am a guy who was invited to a wedding by a female friend. The locale is expensive and I did my own research and found out that hotel will cost $300 per night. We are staying two nights. My date did not ask me for any money other than a little bit for gas (we are driving up with another couple). As a friend and gentleman, I feel I should split the costs of the hotel stay as well. Am I wrong? Since I was invited, should I not offer to pay for anything?


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  • Good grief -- people are getting really selfish with their weddings!

    That being said, I don't think you should be expected to pay. Also, paying won't make her want to sleep with you. THAT being said, she may want to sleep with you being that she invited you to an overnight wedding occasion, so I'm not sure what is going on here.

    My only disclaimer is that all of the above changes if you were also invited to the wedding by the bride and groom.

    • She told me not to look to much into the invitation, so I do not expect to sleep with her. I went to an event with her and bunch of other friends, and I was pretty well dressed and actually danced, unlike most of the guys there. Therefore, I figured I would make a decent date. However, I feel weird not paying anything. I do not even know the bride and groom.

    • You're doing her a favor by going with her. Offering to pay is nice, but it seems unnecessary. If she didn't ask you just for your company, she's not a very good friend.

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  • pay afterward, if you had a good time.

  • I think it would be nice of you to pay half.

  • i think you should split it!

    • Split the cost of the hotel, but not the gift correct? That is totally on her.

    • exactly

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