Is it a good sign that a guy likes a girl if he has gone on 6 dates with her?

I would think if he wasn't interested he wouldn't invest that much time, but I could be wrong.

So guys how many dates before you might be thinking you really like a girl and POSSIBLY want something with her?


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  • Well, I would be thinking the same as you.

    From a logical point of view, if a guy wasn't interested in the girl, he wouldn't be going on dates with her.

    At the same time though, as I'm sure you've questioned, why is he interested in the girl?

    I would say if he's worth it, he'll wait more than 6 weeks, but there shouldn't be any offering up on the plate for him to take advantage or give any reason to show that there's something else available apart from friendship.

    At the end of the day, everybody's different with dates. Some can go from 3 dates, and some can go from 10 dates. I'd say whenever the timing felt right.


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  • it is but it is not something secure

  • yes of course.