Guy I am dating might live Overseas for a while?

Have been going out with this guy for a bit over a month. Everything is great with him. :-).

Except for recently I found out he applied for a job overseas and might live there for a while.

Recently we even just mentioned we were not seeing other people and agreed not to so right now feeling very confused! I was surprised he still stuck around after that and know it is not just about sex as well. Made it pretty clear I wanted more then that.

I want to bring up something but how do I do that when we have not been going out for that long?


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  • just tell him how you feel

  • well just tell him, you need to be hones tif you ar egoing to spend time apart physically.

    • I will have to. Wanted 2 go with the flow but can't if I know he will be in another country in the near future if he gets a job there. Sigh.

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