Answer this question please I need your help thanks...

Long story short I starting sleeping with this guy I met online last year for 4 months... then we lost contact and I found out that I was pregnant... so I had the baby 6 weeks ago and decided to try in get in contact with him again on yahoo in I did we talked and he said he was glad to hear from me... I told him that there was something that I had to tell him ...he came over in I told him we got a baby together he was a little shocked and said he gone be there for the baby ...then the next day he came over again and we had sex in hung out like we use to...after that he text me 3 days straight and now he only text me once or twice a day now what's up with that...


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  • Why did you give it to him so quickly?

    He hasn't seen you in a year and you immediately continue where you left off as if he hasn't left?

    That's not a great decision.

    I'd be more concerned about the role he is going to play in his childs life than laying up with him in my bed.

    You cannot undo what's already done.

    But from this point you can start making better decisions.

    Do not sleep with him again.

    Talk about how he is going to provide for the child you two have together, and how often he will be around to spend time with him/her.

    Ease yourself into a relationship with him.

    If you two end up being together, great!

    If not, just make sure he is being a great father.

    • thank you stacyzee your right I did make a mistake by giving into him so fast but why is he ignoring me now all of a sudden is it really cause of the baby its 2013 now I hope its not cause of the baby...

    • I really don't know why. Why not try calling him and having a mature discussion with him? You need to find out what role he's going to play in his kids life. If he doesn't play the role you'd like you need to get child support out of him.

    • Ty for ba

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  • Did he sign the paternity papers? I know that seems like the wrong question to ask but your question that you're asking is simply "That's life" because the ebb and flow of texting is pretty pointless. You measure communication in other more meaningful ways. I'm more interested in his promise to support the child because if he's not signing paternity ...

  • If ho really texting you and said he gonna be there for you then you don't have to worry .

  • Texting once or twice a day is plenty, IMHO. The bigger question is why you started sleeping with him again after all this time. You're making the same mistakes all over again; are you hoping to get knocked up twice by this guy? It's time to start taking some responsibility for yourself and for your child. Is the father going to pay child support?


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  • I think you guys are not serious about anything...

  • well I don't think there's something wrong just tell him you wnat to be sure of him staying with you and don't give out s*x if you don't have anything serious with him.