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I have been talking to this girl for about two months. We hung out and had an amazing first date. We hit it off and everything was going great, we even talked the next few days after the date and were excited to make plans to see each other again. Things at her job have not been going so well and she has been fighting with her parents and sister. She is getting the stress from all angles. She texts less and calls less. She will text and call but not like she used to. I know or at least I believe she is telling the truth as everything else she has done she was honest. So I don't suspect that she is not into me anymore cause she did tell me that she does still want to see me just that things are complicated and the stress is getting to her. I'm dying to see her again and just talk to her on the phone. I can't help it, I'm pining for her cause we really do have a great connection. I figure she needs time to work things out but I offer to take her out to a park for a walk or to get coffee, anything I can do to help take some stress off her or at least change the enviorment. I thought about flowers, but any guy can get flowers and she wants to go slow. Flowers scream too much romance too fast, So I came up with the idea for a "Stress Survival Kit" as a joke. Just a little something with a candle, chocolate, her fav coffee, and some silly little wind up toys. Something to get her to smile and laugh a little and see that I care about her and just want to try and make her happy even in rough times. I really like this girl and its the first person I have met in a long long time that I have had a mutual connection with. Do I just keep doing what I'm doing and keeping trying to meet up light?

So it has been a week and this morning she messages me and tells me that things are up and down and that she is very sorry for the way things have been but she does want to hang out again and see me. She said there is just a lot that frustrates her and doesn't want to snap at me by accident. She thanked me for being so understanding and being there for her by just texting her some encouraging words or something funny. She also said she might need a shoulder to cry on, so that must mean something


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  • i think you should just try to give her little things to comfort her and be supportive

    • Thats what I plan on doing. I don't blow up her phone texting her or calling her, I just let her do her thing. She gets back to me in her own time, I just miss her and seeing her but I know once things calm down on her end we can get a chance to see each other again. It just hard, I just want to see her for 5 min to get her to laugh for a second and forget the stresses of life. I just have not met anyone else who makes me feel like she does and I want to be there for her.

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  • i think you just need to give her some time and support

    • Thats the plan. I know she is into me, and She likes me cause I am respectful and I'm not pushing to hook up or anything. I just miss seeing her and her smile cause she makes me happy and always is able to make me smile.

  • be there for her in everything and time

    • Thats what I am doing. I'm trying to see her but just to get her into a different enviorment and distract her from the fighting at home with her parents and sister. I just want to give her a big hug and tell her everything will be OK but she hasn't wanted to meet up and doesn't get back to me so fast anymore but she knows I'm texting and she likes that I'm not walking away cause we really hit it off and she didn't expect the stresses of life to be like this all at once

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