Am I wasting my time?

I've gone out with this guy like 3 times so not that many. I met him online. I try to flirt with him, hug him and show interest in him. We are friends on Facebook and he will post a status if we have gone out. At first he would text me in the morning and throughout the day but the past few days he hasn't really been texting me much. He also hasn't tried to hold my hand or anything when we go out. I also noticed that he is still pretty active on the dating site. I'm not mad at him. I'm just starting to think he doesn't like me and that I'm wasting my time...


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  • well just tlka to him about it and then see what he says.

  • i think he could be nervous, just because you date you won't jump each others bones

    • I'm not expecting that now but just something to show me that he's interested in me romantically. I just don't feel that from him

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