Is my boyfriend texting another girl?!

I just got a text from him saying 'Ok darling, I will later but my internet still has the connection problem.' ... I haven't texted him in 2 days and he responded fine. I have no idea what he's on about. Was it meant for someone else?!

well he always calls me darling. but I said 'what are you talking about? I didn't send you anything' then I freaked and said 'was that meant for someone else?!' then he said he got a text from our service provider coming from me... he forwarded it to me and it was a mms that he had to view online... but I sent that text like a week ago and he responded to it. can it send again without my knowledge? I responded 'well I didn't send you anything' and he hasn't replied.
also I'm on vacation for another week so I cannot do this in person


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  • Sometimes I don't send/receive things unless I reboot my phone. If its on the fritz, I'll end up getting things / sending things that were sent awhile back. With some of the custom text messaging apps going around these days (with bugs), a reduplication of your message is certaintly possible.

    It could be a "good save", but what are the odds of that happening? Out of all the "good saves" it just so happened to be an MMS you need internet to view and his original message just so happened to be talking about internet.

    I say he's innocent. The only thing that would cast him in doubt is if he didn't have internet on the phone by choice (because the initial message was about a connection *problem* and not just being unable to use internet). If he has had an actual connection problem where he is supposed to have internet on it but does not, then he checks out quite nicely.

    Also, changes in his internet connection may be linked to bugs (if any) with his phone. For example, when I change timezones on my phone it won't update until I restart the phone, even though I've been receiving signals from the tower the entire time.

    My phone is a cheap knockoff :) Well, get what you pay for.

    • *I didn't make it clear in my answer but my actual internet connectivity gets messed up with the changing timezones, in addition to the clock :)

    • see, we have talked about him having internet problems for the past 3 days. he doesn't have internet on his phone (or he has to pay for it in the moment) so he waits until he is home. this is another reason it sounds plausible. also I don't see how he could be lying if when I logged on to view the mss it said it was received from my number today. thanks for your advice I appreciate it :)

    • Your welcome. If this answer was helpful to you or your relationship in any way, please mark as best answer :) and if it wasn't, then it was a lousy answer after all ;-)

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  • Yes, I think he is. You should ask him about it (in person) or it will bug you forever. From the sounds of it (Darling) it requires some attention

  • Yeah it sounds like he's texting another girl. To me it sounds like he might be messing around too. I hate being a cynic, but it looks bad. Confront him fast, turn on your bullshit detector, and give it a strict filter, because what he says next could very easily give him away, or clear his name.

    Best of luck with this.

    • Oh... you're on vacation? This looks even worse.

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    • Weird. Well, I'm glad things worked out. Seriously, I am.

    • thanks

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  • yes its possible.

  • i think he is

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