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To start off I went to high school with this guy but never talked to him. He works at my job so we started talking, went on a couple of dates, and when he kisses me I kiss him back but I don't really think that I like him. He's a total sweetheart and gentleman but I just don't feel that we connect on a social level. He leaves for college in a little over a month which is 2 hrs away from me, and the other night he asked to be a couple and I said yes. But I've been thinking and I don't want a long distance relationship with someone I'm unsure that I like. But I don't know how to tell him. PLEASE HELP. and please no mean responses.


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  • Just be honest, say you've had more time to think about it and you don't believe that a long distance relationship is going to work for you. You can also say that you haven't been really sure about your feelings for him, not in a mean way, but that you don't feel the spark that you feel like you should be feeling.

    Hopefully he will be mature about it and be grateful for your honesty. Really, being honest and respectful is the best way to go in relationships or potential relationships. Even if the other person doesn't take it well, and most people should, you'll know in your heart that you didn't play games with them or lead them on.


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  • well just be hones twith him, or give it sometime to see if your feelings grow for him.

  • jus be honest

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