Why does my boyfriend stop kissing me passionately whenever we have arguments?

It takes him forever to get over things and I want to kiss and makeup and I am all about the make up sex to get back on track and be a couple in unity again, but it takes him like months to get over anything and I feel it is so highly unfair for him to hold a grudge like that, especially when we could easily say it is his fault and his doing that got us all messed up to begin with


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  • maybe he's just the type to hold a grudege, but damn months is overdoing, but if ur the make up sex type of girl id get back with you by the next day.. (if I were him of course)

    but anyway, seriously- if you hate how he does that then stop arguing with him at least try to avoid arguments

  • then he is pussy.

    no offense but I could understand a day or 2 but months!

    but us guys never like to be wrong


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