I gave him his first kiss and now he is always wanting sex?

ok I have been with this guy for a month.

He is truly scaring me.

Every time I'm alone with him. All he wants to do

is kiss. and when I try to back away

he is like "c'mon"

and sounds like some kind of rapist...

Instead of making out I would just peck him.

I used to think he was sweet and cute.

Now he is just scaring me.

Like I was just teasing him and letting him chase me

around and stuff. But then he would like grab me and throw me down (not in a hurting way... an innocent way. Like playing tag)

But when he was on top of me I realize.

Oh shiznets

This guy could really hurt me if he wanted to.

Now I'm trying my best to slow down but he is

on the fast train.

He talks about when he is horny and such.

I get horny to. But not THAT horny. I don't think I want to have

sex with him. But I am 100% sure I know that its me who is making the decisions. Should I break up with him while I can.

He is already attached to me like glue.

I just don't want there to be super glue involved.

I plan on telling him that we should slow down.

I never get around to it...

What should I do?!


Most Helpful Guy

  • Go with your gut instincts and leave.

    Run fast, run hard. He suffers obsessive behavior and perhaps he's sexual compulsive, since all he wants to do is something physical. Get out while you can.


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  • Run.

  • If he doesn't respect your decision-making, then leave him. No means no, and if he can't understand that, then you're better off without him.


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  • Tell him no and stay away from this guy. I think you should break up with him. Please do not ignore your feelings, if you are scared then odds are there is something going on that is making you feel that way. He sounds way too forceful and pushy. It's your body and if you don't want to have sex with him you don't have to and he shouldnt be pestering you. Be assertive and let him know that you are uncomfortable with the way he acts and severly limit your alone time with him.