What are signs he is being exclusive?

Both guys (and girls) can help :)

What do you do when you are being exclusive with a girl, even if you can't date?

Let me clarify. This guy and I have only seen each other 4 times (once per week), then he has been in Europe for the last 3 weeks. But he texts me every day in Europe, and sends me pictures and snapchats. He always talks about how much chemistry we have and how we just click and have the same personality. He says he could lay in bed with me all day long, and how he always has a blast when he is with me. He introduced me to his best friends on the first date, and introduced me to his mom's sister the second date. On the third date, he set up a huge surprise for me, which no one has ever done for me before . We had 24+ hr dates, and he even wanted to have dinner the night before he left for Europe.

But I am having doubts. He used to get around a lot because girls just flock to his outgoing personality, and I can't get that out of my mind. His Facebook wall is crawling with girls on it, and his top snapchat friend is a gorgeous girl. When he texts me, it ends up being me who keeps the conversation going. But he only asks questions about me when we run out of things to say. And, when I say I need to go, he doesn't want me to stop talking to him.

He says he can't wait to take me out all over the city and experience things with me when he gets back in a few days, and says he always looks forward to talking to me next!

I am just feeling uneasy because I may be leaving for 8 months in 2 months, and he says he doesn't do long distance relationships. So it's that, plus the fact that I am scared he is seeing other girls.

I am just scared that I may be pushing him away for no reason, and this could all be made up in my head, or maybe I am right.

So, my question is, are there things that you only say or do to a girl that you are exclusively seeing? What are those things? I'm looking for signs!

Please don't say I should just wait and see, because obviously I am going to see :)

Thanks but I'm looking for signs, or things that they do, specifically.


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  • well even if you ar epushing him away you are leaving and he won't do LDR so you should just stop worrying about it.


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  • he tells you you are esxlucive

  • he tells you