Do guys think a girl is easy if the girl and you are petting on the 4th date at his house?

I have known this guy for about 3 years and we have been friends in those years, but up until recently I had a boyfriend (the only one I have ever been with). I knew that my friend had feelings for me. I don't have a boyfriend anymore, and then I started dating my friend - just to see if it will work between us. We kissed for the first time on our 4th real date at his house. But now I am not sure if I was too easy because we kind of had sex with our clothes on? Or do guys only think a girl is easy if you have actual sex/intercourse with her too soon? He knows that I won't have intercourse with him unless we are in a committed relationship.

I wouldn't have done this if I haven't known the guy for as long as I have.

Do you guys think I'm easy?

oh and I am 24 years old.


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  • IMHO, considering the time you know the guy and your age, you're NOT "easy". You're behaving like an adult. Lots of people have one night stands with people they didn't know the day before.

    BTW, is the word "petting" still used?:-O

    • But I don't want to be his fwb. No I don't think "petting" is still used :-D, but instead of a long sentence I thought of making it short describing what we were doing. Because it was a little bit more than just kissing.

    • Yep, it used to be "necking"or "petting" ( pretty clearly defined (by the belt ), now it's "making out" but much less clearly defined. But I'm no native English speaker...

    • Oh ok - I'm also not a native English speaker. I just don't want him to think that I would want to be his friend with benefits - you know...

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