How to rekindle something from 1.5 years ago?

Like it says, I met this guy about a year and a half ago, and we had a cute little thing going on. He's super sweet and really liked me. Unfortunately we went to college in different states so when we went back it fizzled out before it get official. We both dated since then but are both single now. So I texted him like a week ago just saying hey, and then a few days ago too. He said it would be fun to see each other again, and called me a sweetheart.

I think it could work now - we're still in different states but it's not that far a drive, and I'm done with college now so I have weekends and such. It seems like he's matured too. He's such a sweet guy and I'd really like to try it. But I don't know how to start something, or to get him to start thinking about getting together. I also don't know if he knows I'm single. I'll see if he texts me, but I'm also fine with texting him again, though he's not one of those people who have long text conversations haha. I'm just not sure what to say or how to suggest hanging out some weekend. Ideas?

Thanks for the answers girls! But also I just don't know how to say, "we should meet up". Its like a 5 hr drive sooo...not exactly simple.
I realize I said it's not that me 5 hours isn't that far I guess haha. I was in a relationship that was like 20 hrs so too far to drive, now 5 seems easy. I realize that's a problem for getting together but maybe it would work to try is all I'm saying.


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  • Just meet up with him a couple of times, get to know each other again (and better) and go from there. He already said that it would be fun to see each other again. Just text him something like: hey, about that meeting up, how bout we set a date?

    Then you could meet up and see how you get along. If you feel flirty, go ahead and flirt! Then, if everything goes well, set another date and you're set!

    Don't over think it, don't over think texting, meeting up, ... that makes it more confusing when it's not that complicated.

    • Yep, you're right on, the problem here is that meeting up would involve some planning because it's a 5 hr drive. So I can't just be like, "lets go get lunch tomorrow" ya know?

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    • Yeah, OK I could try that. But I just think he'd think it was weird because we haven't seen each other in a year and a half and haven't talked in over a year until last week...yes maybe I'm over thinking. Just don't want to be the clingy girl that rushes things.

    • So? If he thinks that he'll say something like: "it's a bit soon, how bout we just talk for now?"He even said it himself that you should get together some time. You could ask him when he fancies meeting up. Really, don't over think things, you'll make them way more complicated.

      If you ask now, the worst thing he could do is say "not now", he won't say "no" because he suggested himself to get together. If he says "not now", just answer with: OK, let me know when you fancy meeting up.

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  • meet up and be nice and flirty

    • Good idea, it's a 5 hr drive though so that's the tricky part.

  • meeting up, doing the little nice things he used to love

    • Good idea, it's a 5 hr drive though so that's the tricky part.