Is there even a way or worth it to make this guy interested?

This guy I met online on one of those sites. He's moved here for the last month from a smaller town, because he got a job. Lives about 15 minutes away from me. Anyway, after I sent my pic they guys answers/questions weren't as long as before I sent the pic and the convo was boring. Then I asked to exchange number since I was going to close the site. He gave me his number. I don't think he really puts in an effort to have a conversation. Asks me things but not really there kind of thing.

I told him to call me one night and the next day he msged and said he got tired from work and fell asleep (but he had a online status on pof chat at the time I remember...maybe the app just says "On" who knows)

I told him to call me today, he said sure in a bit. 3 hrs later I text him and he said he'll call then. Did that about 15 min later.

He's a pretty attractive guy and smart too. We talked about 10 min on the phone and then he said he had to do some chores/battery was dying and he sounded tired and also asked if I wanted to do coffee the next day. I messaged him to let him know (next day) that I couldn't do it then and could we re-schedule for thurs. next week... he hasn't replied.

I know I'm a smart hardworking person and that is also in my love life. I read books on dating, watched YouTube videos all that sh*t. I've been on four dates from this website in the past year(only four in my entire life with different guys). Never even kissed I'm 23. And the last date I had about a week ago the guy was a total jerk. Msged me for 3 weeks but then after he saw me in person he talked for about 45 min a then checked his watch and asked me when I was going to meet my friends. He was very attractive and smart too.

I can't help it I like attractive guys, like who doesn't but still.

I'm trying to lower my standards but from this site the attractive ones are the ones that actually want to meet up after. Which makes no sense to me.

Anyways, should I bother with this guy anymore. He lives so close haha


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  • You could say dating is a numbers game. You go through as many dates as possible until you find someone decent that you can connect with. But in your case, the guy seems to have lost interest. You might as well just move on.

    • He says he's busy with work and is often tired. yet goes to the gym lol I'm not sure. I think if he replies to me I'll go but if not then just move on.

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    • Yeah, just wait for his response. Don't press him on it again or he'll think you're being pushy. Just wait.

    • True. He's very attractive, so I'm assuming he has loads of other messages coming in from "looser" or very pretty girls. However, I live close to him and I'm a cool person to talk to, so its his choice:P

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  • i think you should keep your options open

  • if you met him through a dating site, its possible he's talking to a bunch of other girls while talking to you. One of the downfalls of online dating.

  • it mgiht be worthy but I don't know how you can make him mire interested.

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