How long before I call it quits?

I'm single...never been married. Never been in a meaningful relationship. Dated here and there. I'm 31. I'm really wanting to get married..and have a family of my own. With each passing day, the odds of finding the right woman without kids gets worse. I'm almost to the realization that a wife and kids is not in my future.

I'm doing all I can searching for "the one". Is there an age, or time when I should quit searching? The dating world sucks. Full of ups and downs. My family and friends can usually tell by my attitude if I'm talking to or seeing any prospects. Either my spirits are high..or they are low and sad.

I'm tired of going to family functions, or out with friends, and being the only one without a wife or girlfriend. I'm sick of people (strangers, or family, friends) asking me if I'm dating or married. Finding the right girl is my biggest priority right now. It's the last thing I think of when I go to sleep, and the first thing I think of when I wake up in a empty bed.

People tell me to quit looking...just live my life and try to have fun doing the things I like. I've done this. It only works for a while. Being single causes a huge emptiness in my life. I've done all I can to try and ignore it. I just can't imagine living another 30-50 years in this condition, because if I can't find anyone to love I'll never be 100% happy...its going to kill me, or cause me to wish I were dead.


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  • I don't think it's too hard - there are so many woman in their late or mid 20's that are getting worried about not finding their prospective lovers - you can date one of them. They probably feel that they are outdated as well because the older guys and the good guys often go for girls younger than them. It just depends what your standards are and what you look for in a girl.


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  • i wouldn't call it quits soon

  • i would give it 3 years.


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  • 38. Well, statistically.

    • Crap. 6.5 more years of hell and disappointment.

    • An amazing amount of people find long-term relations in their 30s.

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