Have you ever turned a blind eye in a relationship to save it?

Have you ever ignored something about a date or partner because you knew facing the truth would end the relationship?

What was it and why did you do it?

I dated a guy and of course when he told me he is single I believed him. I then found some stuff online that was not definite but highly suggestive that he had a girlfriend, especially since he had a few suspicious behaviors too, and I confronted him. He had excuses and I accepted them even though in my heart I was almost certain he was hiding something from me. But I gave him chances because I was too weak and emotionally invested to let go.

Even once we broke up I never found out if he had a girl or not and thinking about that possibility makes me sad but I am glad I don't know for sure. If I found out the truth I would feel very bad.


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  • I don't think l have ever had that happen to me, actually. I try and avoid such events- and people... though of course, they can still happen to us. In fact- it happens a lot... unfortunately.

    Its possible you may have jumped a little bit fast without actual, concrete proof... but merely circumstantial evidence. However- there's usually no smoke without fire.

    Turn the corner. Move on. C'est la vie. Good luck!


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  • i havent

  • not in a partner but with tons of friends who were jealous and mean or backstabbers. I just thought they could change.