How to get a guy to talk to me again

Okay so this guy and I have been flirting back and forth for the past week and he hinted to me that he liked me and wanted to go out and I was all for it and made it clear that I was. It has been two days since he talked to me though even though I have sent him 2 messages (no guys I'm not going to become clingy) and he hasn't replied to either of them. I know he has his phone though because he posted on instagram etc. I was wondering what I should do? Do I text him again or not? If so then what do I say? I would appreciate answers from both guys and girls.

Thanks everyone!


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  • There are three possible answers to this:

    1.) He could be trying to play cool by not responding, just to keep you on your feet. We all know everyone loves the chase when it comes to dating.

    2.) He simply forgot to respond to your message, maybe thinking that he did, and he could actually be awaiting your response as well.

    or.. the simple answer you don't want to hear

    3.) He's just not that into you.

    Lets be completely honest, answer #2 is far from likely. I know if it were me in your situation, I'd be hoping for either of the first two answers as well, but the chances are... if he's posting on social networks that involve phone usage, he's seen your messages.

    Either way, my advice is to not text him back. If he truly likes you and wants to go out as he stated, he'll make it happen. Sending him two texts is enough. Why he hasn't responded? The world may never know, but don't force it, or you'll come off as overbearing and ultimately chase him away, which I'm pretty sure that's what you don't want to happen.

    What sucks about being a female, is that we tend to over analyze these situations far more than they should. It's inevitable for thoughts like "Did I say something wrong?" "What if he didn't get my message?" or "Does he not really like me?" to come to mind, but don't invest too much brain power into this. You'll stress yourself out more than anything. Of course, easier said than done, but something that I find good is to always expect the worst so that you don't set yourself up for too much pain in the end. It'll most definitely help you get over the situation faster if things don't turn out the way you want.

    Trust me on this, I've been in plenty of these situations within the past 10 years of dating douche bags, non committers, passive agressives, and overly attached boyfriends. Your situation is something that I've most definitely dealt with in the past.

    Good luck and I hope the best for you!


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  • I would leave it now, I wouldn't send anymore texts... wait for him to get in touch. He will if he wants and if he doesn't it wasn't meant to be. Just try not to waste any time waiting for that text to arrive!

  • i think you shouldn't text hima gain

  • i think he's not interested move on.