Girls: would you date a guy that you knew had a gf

ok, I know this is wrong but this is my situation, I have a girlfriend but there is a smoking hot girl that works with me and she was always giving me signs she was interested. Since I already had a girlfriend I didn't act on it plus she lives with me, also this girl knew I had a girlfriend. about 2 months later after talking to her and getting to know her I said screw it, I asked her out and she gave me her number. we talked and texted a lot, but not too much at night because of my girlfriend. I could never take her out either because of my girlfriend. Now my girlfriend is out of town for a few weeks but I can't get this girl to go out with me for a drink or even lunch. Any thoughts or advice?


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  • no I wouldn't I prefer being single


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  • advice? break up with your girlfriend,for her sake.

    • thanks for advice but you didn't answer the question

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    • not how to cheat, "would you date a guy that you knew had a gf?"

    • that depends on the girl-i personally wouldn't-the issue here is-you're thinking about it,you shouldn't be asking her out,going for drinks or anything if you know that there is attraction.

  • if you would be my boyfriend I would cut off your balls. How would you like it if your girlfriend is out of town to meet any other guy while she is your gf..

    • okay psycho, I didn't cheat on her and I 100% sure I won't because of problems it would cause. but would you date a guy that you know has a gf?

    • No I wouldn't. I thought my answer made that pretty clear.

  • break up with your girlfriend and proceed, you scumbag. You don't deserve either one. Hope this smoking hot girl has STIs she can gladly share with you.

    • amazing how you rather take personal shots like a little immature brat instead of answering the question. Also its STD's not STI :/

    • the term sti is used instead of std now simply because not all sexually transmitted infections are considered diseases.

  • no I usually stop talking to him when I find out he has one. I mean we could still be friends but that wasn't my intention so I wouldn't fake being his friend.

  • i wouldn't never do that

  • Mistake 1) Moving in with girlfriend before you were ready

    "The safest road to hell is the gradual one - the gentle slope, soft underfoot, without sudden turnings, without milestones, without signposts."

    Obviously your intentions are not what they should be. You need to break up with your girlfriend. Unlike guys, girls are often attracted to guys simply because other girls desire/have them. It could definitely be that the only reason this girl is pursuing you is because she knows you have a girlfriend and is getting her kicks off the fact that she can manipulate you into giving her attention, despite the fact that you're supposed to be loyal.

    It's fine and perfectly normal to daydream about other people besides your significant other, as long as it's not an obsession with one person or so serious that it threatens to hinder your real life relationship. You my, friend, have crossed the line. You are actively seeking a way to cheat on your girlfriend. This is pre-meditated and the worst kind of cheating possible.

    You want to date this smoking hot chick? Fine; no problem! But you HAVE to break up with your girlfriend first. If you cheat, you will get temporary satisfaction, but will run a high risk of losing both girls in the process. Just from a rational self-interest point of view: cheating is not in YOUR best interest, let alone your girlfriend's.

    • i didn't want a lecture on morals, just an answer to my question. Because this girl knew I had a girlfriend but kept coming on to me. I didn't cross any line, we never went out so I don't need to break up with my girlfriend. Also if you think guys never cheat on their gf' then your living in a fantasy world.

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