Can we still hang out?

so my boyfriend and I broke up a few days ago for good because he cheated and I can't forgive him. he's my best friend though, and we'd been together for 2.5 years, and best friends before that. is it ok for us to hang out as friends? I made it clear to him that that's as far as we go, and he got upset but said "fine". so is it ok to? please help!


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  • Ok, this is going to sound harsh, but in reality you HAVE to look at it this way! if you think he's your best friend, and was your boyfriend, do you really think he would cheat on you? the answer is NO, and obviously (this is going to hurt) he probably doesn't have the same respect for you as you do for him. You need someone better in your life who treats you great, and will never do that to you or even consider that!

    You were and are completely hurt about this situation (anyone would be), but you simply must think about yourself and give your self some confidence. You are not his "back up" where he can do whatever he wants and return to you whenever he wants, that is BS and you know it. I wouldn't even want to be friends with this guy, or let alone even see him at all! Cut off all contact, do not contact him AT ALL!

    He needs to learn what he did, and the only way is by not giving him ANY attention at all!

    • Well..i call it cheating but a lot of people wouldnt. basically, he went on a dating site and listed himself as single, messaged other girls and talked about me as an 'ex' all while we were still dating. on his profile he wrote: I'm looking for hang outs, but who knows maybe a relationship will come from it. its really hard to let go. but I think what he did was wrong. he's been begging me back but I just can't let myself. he'll be picking my up any minute what should I tell him?

    • Should I say something like "after today, we should really stop talking. you might think I'm a bitch for doing this but I really really can't forgive you for what you did and we need to move on". ? is that good? ..i feel like such a fool.

    • Tell him you want your space and that he should not be contacting you. But be firm and serious about this, or he won't be able to believe you! Trust me, this will get him going even more crazy. At first he might be like fine, I won't call you either, but after some time he will start contacting you and going crazy. What he did was completely disrespectful, even online, he needs to learn his lesson!! and this will certainly teach him to never underestimate you again!

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