Why is this guy agreeing to the date?

1) met online

2) lives pretty close by

3) moved here from a smaller town for work recently

4) never really complimented me on pic or flirted to talk much

5) doesn't bother to really put effort in talking to me

6) made him call me to talk on the phone because I told him he's not much of a texter/easier to get to know someone like that

7) talked for 10 min max b.c. he had to go but asked to meet up for coffee

8) I text him the day off and say I can't make it (he said to let me know if I could or not, but didn't tell me the place/exact time he would want to meet before

9) I text him a day later b.c. of no reply and he said he never got the text (my phone has had text issues so I'll give him that), so I re-schedule the coffee thing and he goes sure.

10) hasn't text me since to ask when/where on that day we should do the date.

Should I even bother and text him back? I feel like I'm putting all the effort in and arranging everything.

Side note about: Never been kissed, 23, only dates like four of them have been from online and all have just gone bad, the guys weren't into me and were a**holes on the date.

So at this point is it even worth to try again with another guy, he seems even less interested than the last and the last guy was A SERIOUS DOUCHE on the date when we met.

So I messaged him today to set a time for tomorrow, and he shows he's read my msgs but no doesn't reply back:(. Sucks I kinda really liked him.


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  • i don't think you should bother and text bacj


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  • Well you did blow him off for the first date... so he may just be reacting badly because of it. I know I'm not a big fan of flakes and I am not as moody as most people so he may just be a bit standoffish now because of it

    • I didn't mean to. I'm one of the nicest people you'll ever meet. But I texted him the day off to reschedule b.c. nothing was in concrete he told me to let him know about that day (the night before). I was getting late from work and had other sh*t I needed to finish so I texted him around that time he said to reschedule but got no response. I didn't want to be pushy so I didn't re-text. The next day however I went and texted him again because I thought he left me hanging.

    • It's cool to reschedule if things come up but the more notice the better. Last minute cancels are annoying cause I could've set up other plans

    • Now he's not replying back to my msgs when I'm trying to set everything up for tmrw.

  • Usually if someone cancels a date then I would assume they changed their minds and aren't interested. If the girl was still interested and had to cancel because of time then she could arrange the date instead.

    • well he never told me a place/time. He just said let me know if you can after work. He didn't text me throughout the day either.

    • ask for a raincheck

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  • i wouldn't make an effort since he is not making one

    • I just told him to "let me know" so that balls in his court.

  • no, he's not putting the same level of effort.

  • to keep his options open or se ehow it will go