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Complicated Ldr many break ups,feelings and so on!

Well,i was in a LDR with a girl that I Haven't met even today.We started talking as friends and soon we found out that it was way stronger and deeper than that

!At that time she was in an other relationship and she has a kid with her ex.She broke up with him and she moved to her own place.

Things were great!We were madly in love with each other,she was telling me all the time that when I was texting her friends/people who knew her was telling her that she was laughing and her face was looking so happy.

Soon things got much harder cause she had to take care alone the kid(1 years old) and to find a job plus some other issues with her family.

She sent me a message telling me that we should stop talking for a while at least so she can find sometime to calm down and settle in her life!Well I got panicked cause I really loved her(still do).

I was pushing her in the start that made things worse but after a while I understood that it was wrong.We didn't talked for a few months back then,but after the few months she was really sweet and was talking about our future together and so on!

Things were going well but she was a bit distant and I was on my guard,i didn't want to get hurt again and rise my hopes too high.

We were having contact,with many fights,forgeting the bad stuff talking again and so on.This back and forth was about a year.Countless fights but we couldn't just remove each other from our lives.

1 year have passed and our contact is not that often,we deleted each other from Skype,fb in order to move on.But it doesn't happening as it seems.As it has happened to many people here,a drunk message can turn things around or not.In this story as well a message made things worse.

We Haven't talked for a while and that message made me really happy,she was drunk and she was telling me that she still loves me (even thou we Haven't talked for a few months).We were talking till the dawn and feeling really close to each other closing the gaps of the time we werent talking.

The next day though she was cold and distant,i broke up inside and I told her to not talk to me,ever again.And when she did I was distant and rude to make her go away!

Yet again,after a few months a mutual friend of hers,told me that she was missing me,talking to me etc etc.Her friend convinced me to talk to her,she wasn't sure about it,after all many things had happened between us,great but bad as well and we had many wounds to heal.

So we started talking again,not much as less was possible but we both felt awkward and weird when we did.When you are in love you feel like that,the butterflies and such things.After a few weeks of talking,i decided to tell her that I still have feelings for her,i had some info from some friends that she still have feelings for me.

So I sent her a message,"u know I have feelings for u" her reply was "i don't so get over it"

We Haven't talked since then,i blocked her as well from fb.3 months have passed but she is still in my head.What should I do?I am desperate! :/

Let some time pass and try to talk to her
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Dont talk to her ever again
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Unblock her after a while and let her talk to u,if she does
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Complicated Ldr many break ups,feelings and so on!
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