Should I bother arranging a date with this guy? why or why not?

so here are some details about the situation:

- met online

- lives pretty close by

- moved here from a smaller town for work recently

-never really complimented me on pic or flirted to talk much

-doesn't bother to really put effort in talking to me

-made him call me to talk on the phone because I told him he's not much of a texter/easier to get to know someone like that

talked for 10 min max b.c. he had to go but asked to meet up for coffee

-I text him the day off and say I can't make it (he said to let me know if I could or not, but didn't tell me the place/exact time he would want to meet before

-I text him a day later b.c. of no reply and he said he never got the text (my phone has had text issues so I'll give him that), so I re-schedule the coffee thing and he goes sure.

hasn't text me since to ask when/where on that day we should do the date.

Should I even bother and text him back? I feel like I'm putting all the effort in and arranging everything.

Side note about: Never been kissed, 23, only dates like four of them have been from online and all have just gone bad, the guys weren't into me and were a**holes on the date.

So at this point is it even worth to try again with another guy, he seems even less interested than the last and the last guy was a complete jerk!

So I msged him again to arrange the date for tmrw and the app shows he's read my message but now he hasn't responded :(. Sucks I actually liked him.


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  • No you should move on because if he was genuinely interested in you he would make the time for you and put in the effort to talk to you. If you're still interested in him just let him know that if he wants to ever do something to let you know but leave it at that. I think you should try to meet people in person or just go for a different type of guy than you normally do.

    • Sorry it didn't work out. But don't put all of your efforts into someone who isn't appreciating them and there are other men out there who will appreciate you(:

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  • you said it yourself... he seems even less interested than the last and the last guy was a complete jerk!

  • i don't think you should, he doesn't really like you

  • i don't think so he doesn't seem very interested.