Should I have done this?

I deleted my friend from my contacts after she didn't respond to me for three weeks. I asked her to do stuff for 4th of July and even after I called her and texted her like every 5 or 6 days. Then I texted her out of frustration saying "are you going to respond ever, or should I delete your number?"

and she responded: is that a threat lol and that I should know to call by now because she never responds to texts. anyways my fingers hit the delete button super fast after she said that and now I really don't have her number.

She has done this disappearing act before too, but has called back a month later. Now that I'm growing up I can't stand being overly nice and taking sh*t from people its just getting to me.

I've known this girl in elementary school but in a year or so after a 11 years hiatus came back in contact with her and we were both bridemaids for a wedding.


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  • Yes, you did.

    If she didn't like texting she could have called you herself If she really wanted to speak with you.

    Move on from her.

    You're growing up.

    And the more you grow the less games and bullsh*t you want to play with people.

    The older you get, the more you value real and solid relationships.

    You shouldn't take that from anyone, and I applaud you for not tolerating that behavior anymore.


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  • She's flaky and she'll just jeep treating you that way as long as you let her. You did the right thing.

  • i think you should have

  • i would jsut stop talking to her

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