[Revised] Continued: What to do with this girl? (Warning: LONG)

(Link to the first part: link ) I suggested she take off her top and just walk around in her cami, which she's done so many times before. She's even changed in front of me before. But she said "No, B probably wouldn't like that... Plus I wouldn't want to 'tempt' you." She said that last part sarcastically and I returned it with "He wouldn't have to know and I've seen you in less before, I think a cami would be ok." She flashed me a harsh look and said no again. I let it drop and she just stayed in her hot clothes. We went to the basement and cuddled on the couch for a bit while listening to music. When it got to be about 9, she said I should go home now. She said she had to call B about something family related and it couldn't wait. I went home and for the past couple of days, she's been flirting with me over text. Now for some perspective. When she was single, we were very close. I don't know how far the admins will let me go here, but we're still virgins. There is one more thing. February 16, we hung out at her house and we were talking. It was getting close to the end of the school year, only 4 more months. And we were talking about hooking up after school ended. We wanted to focus on school and other priorities before trying to risk a relationship with the stress of finals coming up. We had both shared our interest in each other and I have told her many times that I care for her deeply and do love her. She's only said the words "I love you too." once, December 22 to be exact. That was the night we kissed for the first and only time, my first kiss. So we have shared our feelings for each other, yet she switched up and went for another guy. She said she wasn't planning it or anything, but they were hanging out for a month before even telling me she was seeing him. They hooked up the day before my mom's birthday. She and my mom were supposed to go shopping on her birthday, but "something came up" on her end. So between February 16 and March 19, my communication with her was limited. I had no idea she was seeing someone else, let alone falling for them. And she just kept treating me the same, flirting when she did text me, teasing me, and using nicknames. But when I tried the same, she would tell me to back off. So I have no idea what's going through her head! Please any POSITIVE advice is welcome. Thanks in advance, and sorry it was so long. Also, I received an answer previously before the original was removed but I was unable to view it. If you remember your answer, please post again. This should be fine, I'd assume.

Note to admins of GAG: I tried to clean this question up. I'm not quite sure which part was considered too far, but this seems fine to me. If there's something you find too far, please send a more clear description in the email. I didn't receive a clear description before, so if changing in front of me is too much, I'm sorry but I didn't think it'd be too bad. The only thing I could see as arguable, I removed. So if this gets reported or anything for that, please send a description. Thanks.


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  • This was really long, read it all but if I missed something please let me know!

    I think, first off, that she does like you. But she isn't ready to settle down with any one person. She (and you!) and really young. And being that she is in college she may want to spread her wings a but in the dating field.

    My friend B kind of went through the same thing. He and this girl really liked each other, they tried dating (it didn't work) and then he stayed her best guy friend until the opportunity came when they were older , he asked her out again. He always fought for her though, like a boyfriend would do, always did "boyfriendy" things, and was just always there. They are now getting married!

    I think if you make it clear all the time through your actions (calling, helping, nice dates, and finally ASK her to be your exclusive girlfriend) she could settle down with you. But she may need some time and space before that happens.

    Hope that helps,


    • Wow thanks! That's reassuring. :) That's what I keep telling myself, time will tell. I'm not so quick to give up, so I'm not just quitting on her just yet...

    • You could also try dating someone else, like go on one date, see what she does, and play hard to get! We all want what we can't (or think we can't) have hehe

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  • You need to cut contact with her. She clearly has someone else. Don't be stupid. find yourself a good girl that will not play games with you. Because that is all this girl is doing. She's just a man eater.

  • I think she needs to make up her mind, I believe she is just doing whatever she feels like all the time and that shouldn't be acceptable

  • i think tha tif she's seeing someone els,e doesn't commit to your plans and evne if she's the same. she's not everythign you want so you need to find another girl.


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