Why isn't he talking to me as much as he used to?

He went from texting me daily to nothing.

We have been talking for quiet some time now. We finally started hanging out over a month ago. Things have been great, especially while we're together. He has told me numerous of times how happy he is with me and that he really sees our relationship working out and lasting. We have not began calling each other boyfriend/girlfriend yet.

Two weeks ago, he went from texting me good morning/good night and random conversations throughout the day daily. Last week he really wanted me to spend the week with him, so I did. We had a good time, but since then I have not heard much from him. I have texted him a few times and he has always replied but it's not much of a conversation even then.

I do not expect us to talk every day. In fact, I wouldn't mind if we didn't..but since I'm so used to him reaching out and texting me everyday up until now, it is starting to make me think something could be wrong. Maybe he is losing interests. Maybe he has lost interest. Maybe I'm just over thinking things. It has bothered me since I'm not hearing much from him that it's stressing me out.



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  • Maybe his telephone bill came in and he had to reevaluate where he put his money?

    He now spent real time with you, and texting all the time is no good substitute for spending time in real life. So texting lost its appeal. It is just not enough, for either of you. You've passed that phase now. Move on. Get things moving in the physical world.


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  • i think I would ask him what's up and tell him how I feel. I don't think he lost interes tif he keeps tlaking to you

  • maybe he lost interest