Okay...this may be really stupid...but why hasn't he called?

Okay so I am friends with my ex boyfriend, or I should say that we are trying to be friends.

I broke up with him 8 months ago and he is seeing someone new, but I contacted him a couple weeks ago saying that I wanted to try to be friends with him.

He said he wanted to do that and we talked a couple times. Everything was going great. We even talked about hanging out...obviously just as friends...that's all I want anyway.

Then after we had been talking about that he hasn't called or texted in almost a week. I don't get.

Why? Seriously...


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  • probably busy

    or is an idiot


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  • Well.. If he likes the girl he is dating and wants to respect her feelings, he may not want to jeopardize what they have, even if he may have feelings for you yet and want to hang out with you, he may know that it would hurt his new girlfriend (as hard as that may be to hear.) We can tell ourselves over and over that we have moved on and just want to be friends, but if you were in love with him it's always going to be difficult to see him with someone else. Saying it won't is really just our own way of trying to convince OURSELVES and helping us to move on.

    Very few girls would be ok with their boyfriend hanging out with their EX and if they say that they are ok with it, it's just to not seem controlling.

    Maybe he is just trying to be an honorable boyfriend and not risk his current relationship?