What really impresses girls on the first date?

What could I do on the first date that would make her totally be in awe?


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  • be yourself...one thing I hate is fake ass dudes who try to floss on the first couple dates and then turn out to be someone totally different...dont do something you won't continue to do as long as your seeing her... getting your date flowers sounds cheesey but most guys don't do that so I'm sure any girl will appreciate flowers..im more into romantic things...what would impress me is a picnic on the beach ...simple but thoughtful and romantic!


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  • the most important thing is complimenting how she looks when you first see her. opening doors are good. flowers are good. dress nicely. have the date planned out, reservations made, tickets bought, etc.

  • anything that has to do with chocolate! Women love chocolate! Any small cute things, could be a little diary, a small bouquet of daisies or other cute flowers (roses would be a little too much for the first date I find).


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