How can I make it past the first date?

I get asked out a lot but I'm shy. Super shy. And I never hear from the guys after the first date. Sometimes I text them after but they never respond.


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  • There's nothing wrong with being picky... but don't become a hermit. Not all guys bite...

    Try 4 age old methods -

    1. Wear "that Little Black Dress" that I know you have in closet for the first date

    2. Make physical contact ~ BUT ~ not too physical on the first date... let him dream

    3. Cook for him; all men love to his tastes

    4. Give him a reason to call you... the next date, a picture, a locket, etc.

  • Maybe go on a date doing something you're passionate about i.e. dancing? Ice skating? That way you can let the activity speak for itself, and it provides things to talk about later.


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  • try to drink a shot before so you can be more open and not that shy.

  • you can be shy and still show how interested you are, just try doing little things to show you like him

    • I agree. if he's attracted to you because you are shy suddnly becomming outgoing might back fire. just try to talk about yourself and respond to things he's saying.

    • @kairon,don't we have the right to try to get out of our shell?! I've been told by few guys who were interested in me,and I was interested in them that I didnot show them, so they moved on while I had a crush on them,and later told me that I did not show I'm socially outgoing, but shy around a guy I like,and he can see that I only avoid him, I didnot think he knew that I like him,so I approached him but he was kinda shocked. what the hell do I do stay shy and keep missing the chance...

  • Become more outgoing. Everyone wants a fun person

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