Boyfriend late texting other girl

I've been together with my boyfriend for 7 months, and there is this girl that has a major crush on him... she was my friend and I found out about it when one time I met her for coffee and my boyfriend told me.

The thing is that he is texting with her almost every day late at night. Sometimes until 12. The thing is that this girl copies and quotes his instant messaging status on Facebook and even shares random pics that he has shared with me before.

On my side, he always calls me and our texting is very short. To set the time for the next date or share some funny joke, or even a romantic message. But he does not spends a lot of time texting me as he does with her. He sets up regular dates with me in the week, you know more face-to-face interaction. For instance, he spent literally all day last Saturday, and Sunday he called me by phone.

I found out about this texting because she bragged about it with a friend of hers and I heard them.

Guys, please let me know your opinion... is this something I need to worry about? if so, how to approach the subject with him without appearing as a jealous girlfriend?


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  • i think you should see his phone and see what kind of texts they are but if she's bragging like tha ti would definitely be worried since she's making a big deal out of it.


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  • What do they text about? Is it sexual in nature? Because if it is then yes I would be angry and worried. He probably shouldn't be texting this girl if he knows she has a huge crush on him. That's just not right. It's leading her on, and it's opening a door for something to happen on the side. I'm sure he doesn't want that, but still. Sometimes guys don't want to hurt girls feelings, sometimes guys like the attention. Whatever the reason it should stop. He is your boyfriend, not hers.

  • i wouldn't accet it