Has he pulled away from me or something else?

I had a first date last Friday night (it's now Thursday here in Australia).

I had spoken to this guy online for a month. We exchanged numbers after a week and a half of emails. We spoke every second day with texting in between - then spoke nearly every day on the phone.

He asked me on a date and then sent roses to my work with some perfume I mentioned I liked. I had to cancel the date because I forgot I had my fathers birthday - so I gave him 3 days notice. He still seemed to pull back a bit even after I explained.

I tried to make up for it. But he wasn't calling and texting as much as was a little stand-off-ish.

We finally met on Friday and he apologized for pulling away. I told him not to worry about it. He was a bit tipsy when I arrived and just 'happy'. We talked a lot and then we kissed after about 2 hours. I excused myself as I felt a bit tipsy and went home.

He called me when I got home (about 10:45pm), and wanted to hang out more. I should have said no but I really wanted to just be with him. He came over and unfortunately (or fortunately), we slept together.

It was way too soon. I thought I wouldn't hear from him at all - but I did. He blames himself for the night being like that, and excused himself for being drunk. Having said that, it's now Thursday and while I got a call on Tuesday, and an offer to see him on Wednesday (to watch a football match with him and his friends), he still feels 'different'. He doesn't text me first thing in the morning, or call every second day at lunch...but yet he assured me he still wants another date...I'm just wondering why he hasn't set it up yet?

So if a guy goes from about 10 texts a day to 5, and one call every two days to one call every three days...is he not interested anymore? Despite saying that he is? He also said he felt bad and asked if he 'f*cked things up'? I told him no. But also I did feel vulnerable and pulled back a bit too.

Guys, I like him still. how do I play this? Also I've pulled back on texts and I don't call. I'm giving him space - cause it seems like he wants it or something?

  • He's not interested anymore, sorry.
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  • He's interested! He just doesn't want to ruin it again.
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  • He's playing it cool - he lieks you.
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  • He's figuring out what to do next
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  • He's not sure how he feels...he's embaressed how he acted
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I think that he feels a little guilty because you guys slept together a little too soon. He went from 10 texts to 5? I think that he is still interested but it's no longer a chase anymore. Once when the chase/challenge is over, things start to simmer down on a guy's part. He seems like a keeper, but don't expect the same rush you were given in the beginning, that's over because he got the cookie. Be careful, the whole watching football thing sounds like he is pushing you into the friends with benefits category. Just don't worry so much, sit back, observe, and play a little hard to get just to see where he is going with this.

    Take care.


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  • he got sex, he is not interested


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  • B or D.I think he doesn' t know how to act

  • i don't think he was more interested than in hooking up.

  • i think sex was way too soon

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