Guys help..He blocked me and is upset with me. What do I do?

So this guy. he's my best friend,like a lover, and we both have swore its like were meant to be because wr always come back to one another.

In all honesty lol I love him through thick and thin.

However I wanna kill him sometimes -_-

So he was in AZ for school (im in cali) and he was saying all this stuff and on Tuesday he said he was gonna like come here and wed hang

Thennnhe got home thurs and like I gave the weekend and I messaged him and no reply. So I was like k maybe Monday and he didn't message me for like 10 days so when he did he's like


I ignored

2 min later: sorry I Haven't messaged you I've been busy with fam

Next day

Him: hi

Hours later I reapond:

Ya whtevr

I messages him 3 weeks layer Because something happened and well he's my best friend still and I contacted him and he didn't reply

Then I told you I messaged him on Facebook then he blocked me

And I never contacted him again.

Heres the thing. He talked about being together, that we should gonout on a date,and he always complimented me.

I was always weary because me and him have a past & things didn't go well but in the end we still are here.

As I viewed it if you care for someone your gonna message them no matter what when you can and when he dodnt message me I felt it was all

Shot to hell and that he was lying. And that hurt :/.

we stay friends but talk like lovers and sh*t and we fight and then we get over it and repeat.

I don't want that I just want him. But it never happens.

Whyd he block me ?

Should I text him?

And like I'm talking to other potential boyfriend ya know? Like 2 potentials

And every time he comes back I choose him and BOOM he's gone.

So should I or should I wait a bit more so I can try with these guys?

It been about 2 months since we talked.


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  • 1. Talk to other people. They are likely more stable.

    2. Just text him and get to the bottom of it.

    • thank you for your help and thoughts ! :)

      well I messaged him and he said he meant to block someone else that has a name similar to mine adn well it makes no sense in a way because you see my picture before you press block.

      but idk

      i mean were talking now alil so I don't know what to do

    • For now, nothing new, just let things play out for a little while. Act as you would normally to get a good grip on what's going on and to see if he'll just revert.

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  • What you had with him - has probably run its course. I'd say he might be responsive in time, but most likely not the way you're expecting him to be. Maybe if you view it as a 'break-up' it would be easier to let go. Obviously you two connected, but dudes are just as moody as women sometimes and he may very well have been on his period when he came here to visit his family and didn't see (or text) you while he was here...

    Totally Talk To Your Potentials! Life is short, you gotta meet and learn about people to figure out what works for you in the long run. :)

    • well, he messaged me so I think he's okay I mean ill def know if he's pisses and ill apologize

      thanks so much for answering tho :)

  • move on socialyze with other people

  • If he has blocked you then leave him alone. He does not want to talk to you. Do not try to contact him after he blocked you. From the reading he is not your boyfriend but a lover. Unless I read it wrong Why limit your options to one man as a single girl?

  • He's your best friend! Even if he blocked you on fb, shouldn't you be able to call him and get to tell him all this?

    That is, if you're okay with him blocking you for whatever reason...

    • well I wasn't happy with the blocking me because that was ridic but he apparently blocked the wrong person but I don't know if that's true ya know.

      but I don't know he's still talking

      if heever gets 4really mad at me ill know haha

    • Yeah, but maybe you've no choice but to believe in him? If you're still talking and all.

      I've met some strange people, but we were never best friends, so think that's the biggest difference. Best friends can talk to each other about everything, even when they know the other part won't be happy about it.

  • if I were you I would move on to the other guys

    • i know right, seriously. like I'm going to but its hard when its liek someones your soul mate but is taking toooo long. well imma look at it like have fun before your soul mate gets ready to settle down lol!

      haha speak of the devil. I just got text from him

    • haha that is so funny