Does he wish he picked me? Or just sex he's looking. (High profile)

2.5 years ago I met this manager of a very popular band that was playing in our city. He approached me and we talked all night at the club. He invited me to go to the famous person hotel room who he managed to listen to some new songs they were doing and I declined. Then next couple days asked me to go to concerts around where I lived but I declined. Then on the third day one was so very close to where I lived I agreed. I went with my sister and friends he was text me telling me to just come to the side of the stage I couldn't get past security and the crowds finally he saw me and in front of everyone got mad at security saying let her threw. I stood on the side of the stage watching the concert was unreal after I got to go back stage have shots of patron with the band and hangout. He then asked me to come to after party I said for a hour I would because I should go home. He invited me to go to the hotel in the limo but I declined went with all my friends and sis. When I got to the Hilton he handed me a card was like here I got you girls a room! We didn't even go to after party he came and hung with us in our room we talked just hung out then ordered pizza. I totally fell asleep waiting for the pizza and the next day he just left a message saying I looked so cute sleeping he would me to LA to visit him. So we texted back and forth for a while probabaly 4 mon I started dating someone else went to Europe didn't see him and he started dating a girl too and within 8 months got married! And I now have a 10 month old baby with who I was dating. Me and him didn't talk for 2.5 years I thought he forgot about me. Then randomly the other day he messaged me... Not only is he a manager but he also just sang in one of the bands songs and it is a huge hit hear it all the time. Here I thought that he had forgotten about me he has been all over te world and is married. Anyways messages me saying "u look stunning your baby is beautiful how are you?" I tell him I'm good and thank you. He said he just missed me he was in Miami days after me. He asked when I would be back in the US I said prob not a long time. He said he has known me longer then his wife and when he thinks back about when he met his wife he was talking to me at that time and he can't help but think about me.He said that he kept up with me during my pregnancy and everything and that he was always checking in on me just never said any thing.He said he needed to reach out to me because he never got to see me again he got married super quick and I had a babyHe showed me a music video I was super excited for him and he sounded like a little kid talking to me about it. Mayb she's not supportive who knows.Not saying that but seems he was reaching out? He gave me pass code and password to sign on and watch it before it was released to the world. then he sent me a message couple days later telling me he wants to fly me across the country to see him. We never hooked up before and he could have anyone why me?

I just wanna mention was never sexual our relation ship never kissed only texted about life and what not. Does he want to see me as a friend to see if he has feelings? To hook up? To what I'm confused.
All I wanted to know was if he was thinking maybe he wanted to be friends or if I went he would expect more. I would go as friends but yes for moral reason I would never cross that line just didn't know what page he was on. Why the Ef would he find me a girl he hasn't talked to in 3 years from a small town when he travels all over and sex would not be a issue for him to get from tonnes of girls.
Yeah your probabaly right I'm being naive I just thought that if he wanted to have sex he wouldn't have to fly girls across the country would be right in front of him. And because he never tried anything when I met him the first time was just sweet and got me a room not expecting or trying that mayb he saw me as a friend. We did talk for months at one point and seemed to have lots in common. I guess I'll just ignore him and feel happy some1 thought of me 3yrs later famous or not.


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  • Can you REALLY be this naive?

    He wants to bang you. He is using his position, fame, and privileges to entice you (and probably dozens of other girls), but his end goal is to have sex with you. No doubt you are one of 20 or 50 girls a year he gives this treatment to.

    This is what happens with famous people, even those with only a relatively small amount of fame. How do I know? I grew up with some guys who were in a band that went on national tours, won a big contest on MTV, and of course were very famous locally. We went to the same school together and were (and are) good friends. I've been backstage at many of their concerts, and they've opened for many national and international acts that you'd know. Later, I went to college to be an audio engineer, and worked the local band circuit for a while in the Bay Area. I've seen a LOT.

    These guys aren't looking for relationships, because they already know that relationships are very difficult when they are on the road 300+ days a year. Many are married or have a girlfriend, but it's widely understood that when they're on the road, "things happen", and as long as those things don't follow them home, or get into the news, then it is accepted. But most people in the business are single, by choice or not, and they want some company and some sex when they are lonely out on the road, and it's EASY to get it, especially when they have money, fame, and access.

    There are no shortage of girls who fall under this spell, and I can't tell you how many times I've seen girls "get with" security, roadies, or management just to have a SHOT at the groupie pool for a band. That's the norm, in fact. I had them coming on to ME, and I was NOBODY, other than having limited access to the bands.

    This guy is married. MARRIED. You are a cute young girl that he knows very little about, really, beyond the fact that you are cute and that you allowed yourself to be drawn into his circle. Do you really think he just wants to be friends? You can't possibly be that dumb, so it has to be the stars in your eyes that are preventing you from thinking clearly.

    • RE: your update:

      He was going through his phone (or little black book) and seeing who he could reconnect with for a rendezvous. I assure you, it's all about sex in the end.

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  • You have a baby, he's married. It's over, or should be... Don't get let yourself or him get hung up on "the one that got away" it's always better in your head than it would have been in real life anyway. No use adding "homewrecker" to your resume. Move along folks, nothing to see here.

  • he will only look for sex since he's married. move along.


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  • no, he's just using you.

  • you should knoe better to be with a guy who is married