What is wrong with him? (He's 30, I'm 24)

So I met this guy we really connected, he even said so himself.

So after a week he calls me he's like "are you my girl?" I laughed and acted like I didn't hear him so he asked again and I said "do you want me to be?" He was like "yeah"

We made plans for Saturday and he ditched. Messaged me on Sunday saying his cousin died.

So he was supposed to come by on Monday and didn't even text me back.

So on Tuesday this was our convo.

Him- why haven't you texted me?

Me- I msged you yesterday and you didn't reply

Him- oh well thanks for just giving up on me

Me- I didn't. You confuse me. Yesterday you said you'd come by and then you didn't reply so what do you want me to do?

Him- I'm coming tonight.

So he came over for literally 2 minutes before his buddy called him to go smoke up. He left and called me from his car asked me if I wanted to go I said no. Then he starts talking about this chick he hung out with on Saturday the day his cousin apparently died. This chick is married to his best friend I guess... So I said to him "you ditched me to hang out with some chick? I'm not chasing you I don't chase after go and when you're interested in someone you show them that by spending time with." He's all "I am interested I like you, do you want me to come back?" I said "no"

The next morning he wakes me up at 7am to tell me he's not gonna smoke weed and he's so sorry. I was like mmhmmm I'm going back to bed.

Then he calls at 10am and said "we should take things slow go out be friends I still wanna hang out with you" I was all like yeah OK sure.

I didn't even think we were actually dating?! So he turned it around on me to make it seem like I was rushing things. Now I haven't heard from him. I have a couple guys who actually want to take me out good guys but I'm a bit hung up on this one. I guess we want what we can't have. What do I do? Should I text him?!


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  • if I were you I would move on honey


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  • Sounds like a loser who doesn't know what the hek he wants

    In life, 30 and still smoke weed Okay that's f***ing disgusting. YUK

    I really hope you didn't f him yet, that might be all he wants.

    Drop that loser now !

  • He sounds like he's more trouble than he's worth. Don't text him, go out with the other guys :) x

  • i agree, he sounds like trouble and I'm not sure if he knows what he wants..

  • hes jsut unsure and dumb. stop wasting your time with him.