Is she hinting towards a relationship?

i know I may be stretching some details on what a girl tells me at times but I always come here to get feedback.

ill throw some things that were said to me...

on date 2 ..she said...

'if it gets serious between us'

how should I see that?

today was a laundry 'date' and she said a few things like...

'i don't like being called a bitch...if you ever do I won't talk to you for 6 months'

i never called her that but she mentioned it casually-like

'you Haven't pissed me off..yet' in a joking manner

she stepped in a store with her bag..i told her 'dont worry I'm not going to take your bag and run'

she replied

'dont not going to run away from you'

i know its little things..but maybe I can see what the hidden meaning is..whats in her head about me.



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  • Seems like she's just getitng to know you and flirting a little, this is just her personality, don't over think it. If she was hinting to a relationship, it would be more obvious than that.


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  • She is just trying to let you know different aspects of her personality by saying these things. She's letting you know not what to say to her (because apparently she doesn't stand for it). She is also flirting and letting you know she likes you and that you are on her good side.

  • Yea it sounds like she wants a relationship.

  • i don't think so, she was just saying things

  • i think she is just talking, that is how she is, don't think too much about it


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