I resigned from job but my boss wants me to leave before the resignation date Help>>what to do?

First off I am leaving because I am going back to school full time.

The hr manager claims he is happy for me then the next day he proposes that I leave before my last day(Aug 14 but July 31st instead). I gave the company one month's notice as they proposed in the employee handbook. He claims it is in my best interest as he doesn’t think it is wise that I leave a full time job to go full time med ( which I think should be my decision 1st and foremost)I don't want to do that, what can I do when I meet with him for the last today, how can I convince him otherwise.

Other than paying me why do you think he would make such a suggestion

I pleaded with him to allow me to take my vacations days instead. He agreed to it, I am waiting on one last confirmation and I am on vacation by either next Tuesday or Wednesday till my resignation date

(Wish me luck)


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  • He may have a new person in mind & may want to start them on the 1st of the month.

    2 weeks is usually the norm. not one month.

    Ask if you are eligible for rehire & if you can use them as a reference in the future.

    • Yea I think you are right oh well. I will see if I can make a negotiation. I will be bored two weeks before school if things do not work out

    • It doesn't hurt to ask. Tell him you gave him one months notice because that's what the handbook suggested. Tell him that you really need the money for school, can you stay on until Aug 14.

    • Good Luck

      They would have had to pay you your vacation days anyway, he didn't really do you a favor.

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  • He doesn't want you around talking freely to the other people there, who I'm sure are not happy but can't talk noramlayy..but with you loeaving, he's afraid they'll all vent to you and he doesn't want you nowing everything that has been going on there.

    Clearly he worries about what you will find out if you hang around while having no reason to keep you mouth and ears shut...!

    • UPDATE: He does't want you in the office. Probably thinks you'll say bad things about HIM...

  • he doesn't want to pay you those extra weeks.

  • He knows that you need a break before you hit school again.

    You don't know this because you're young and you don't get it. And like all young people you don't like it when older people think they know better than you either.

    He's right though. You need a break. You're just acting like the child who has been told he's over-tired and should go to bed.

    You would have been better off asking him to try and explain his reasoning to you, rather than asking others how to convince him he's wrong.

    • I work at the university, I would just be a student instead of an employee now. I will be changing residence to move closer to the school. really I don't see the big diff & I have worked part & school during college years. I could handle it. I know myself

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  • 1: You are no longer committed to the job

    2: He doesn't want to pay you.

    3: You could be a distraction.

    4: Maybe you have already been replaced as of Aug 1st

    And lots of places don't have you finish out your time left.