Should I sleep with him?

I've been dating this guy for a month now and tomorrow night is out 6th date... I really like him and in person we are crazy compatible (were both attractive and laid back so it's easy). He went away for a week and while he was away/since he came back he hasn't been constantly texting me like he was before, we're still the same in person and he still tells me that he thinks I'm sexy or calls me beautiful, but texting with him is almost like pulling teeth (I wait for him to send the initial text so that I don't seem overly eager but I'm enthusiastic and playful)... I was seeing other people but slowed that down but I know he's not only talking to me.. He made a reservation a week ago for Saturday to take me to his fav. Fancy restaurant and I'm bringing my dog to his place before dinner and we're sleeping over (dog and I). I know he's ready to sleep with me and I sort of am (I want to but I don't know if he's ready for what sex means to me... Getting closer to being in a relationship)... He told me he recently went threw a break up so he doesn't want to rush but really likes me and wants to see where things go (I found out not threw him that the break up is actually a divorce). I really like him and part of me really wants to sleep with him but will I end up getting hurt if I do?

  • Living in fear of getting hurt isn't really living go 4 it!
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  • Try not to take sex so personally, it won't change things
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  • You may not be his 1st rebound since but he's not ready
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  • Well since his breakup he's taken the most interest in you & even your pup... maybe wait like 2more weeks
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  • Only a month? Too soon. Don't rush into it. You should give it more time to prove he's really into you and loyal to you and truly loves you. One month is not enough time AT ALL to judge that.

    I'd say wait a few more months tbh.

    • lol I don't know if I can wait a couple of months.. but it looks like it will be a few more weeks.. We had such a perfect date Saturday, I can tell he sees me as someone he wants in his life. We had a few drinks throughout the night & when we got to his place we were fooling around & he said to me "We're drunk & I want to wait, it wouldn't be right doing it this way." he made plans with me to take me on a picnic & he wants our friends too meet.. I'm so glad I didn't listen to my friends & kept dating him

    • Why can't you wait a couple of months? Do you have no freaking control over your own body? lol. And if you've only known this guy a bit, how are you so sure he wants you as someone in his life for something real and deep and not just for f***ing? You could be biased here and wishing so much for something more that you warp what he does as something that indicates he wants more when it might not. I'm just saying, it's best to look at it as objective as possible. Though, I do have to agree

    • If he really wants it to be meaningful and not when both are drunk and so? That is a very good sign. So it seems like a good indicator. So kudos for possibly finding a good one :P

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What Guys Said 2

  • I'm not on to tell someone not to have sex because there's not enough of it going on. If you are comfortable with him, then grab him and take him! A person should never be hurt having consented sex, it doesn't make logic.

    • thank you I think I'm going to go for it with him, women actually (literally) produce a hormone after sleeping with a guy to become more attached with him (for me this only works if I climaxed)... So what I fear is that after I become more attached and because he's slept with me he might become less attached/interested.. I don't know this is I guess very bult up in my head because I'm super selective and this situation is higher risk than I would like but I like him ugh lol

  • You won't get hurt at all. After all, it depends upon you if you want to take things personally and soon enough.


What Girls Said 3

  • If he is still talking to other people and both of you haven't clearly committed to a relationship, sleeping with him would be a really bad idea.

  • i would go for it definitely.

  • i wouldn't do it, I would fear getting hurt

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