She can't make up her mind

So I work with this girl. We get along just great, always joking around, flirting, sexual innuendos... pretty much the whole nine yards when it comes to showing somebody you're interested in them. She recently found out I liked her, so I asked her if she'd date me. She said yes and we made plans for a date. Then two days later she texted me saying that she didn't feel the same for me and that she was grounded and wouldn't be allowed to go on the date with me any way.

I was a little disapoointed and confused, but I told her it was alright and that I'd see her later.

The following day she texted me asking if I was still down to go on the date with her and that we could give it a try. I had to decline due to my funds running low and suggested that we wait a week.

Now I'm a little hesitant to ask her out. Dating should be fun, but I don't think this girl knows what she wants.

I'm 22 she's 18.

Any suggestions?


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  • i think you should just ask her our agian to see how it goes


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  • Sounds like a gamer, " I will be with you when I can, because I have someone I'm already working on" standby! lol or maybe she thought you was cute and seen something about you she felt she couldn't work with at the time, until she got more information on you.

  • i don't think you shouldn't keep pursuing her as she told you she doesn't feel the same ways as you do.


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