Why do younger girls be a slave for their boyfriend?

How come some girls date under their dating level? My friend just turned 19 and she dating this 22 year old. She moved in with him and he likes his ego fed. He disrespect her on the Internet saying things like "Wassup with his food" she clean the house, wash clothes, and he sit around with friends smoke weed all day and drink. On Facebook he have it his way, he comment on girls pictures, even don't want to put her pictures nowhere to show they date. They have a relationship status on Facebook but he refer to her as "my bitch". It seems like the whole twitter/Facebook know he using her for army money even when they go out in public. They been together since November and she moved in. she has a housing situation so he put up with her until she leave in October. he admitted to his long term ex that he wasn't right for her And that he would hurt her. she's my friend but I feel like it is none of my business. He even go visit other girls. What should I do? He basically put her on in life. When his ex calls it seems like he still care about her.


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  • Because they like it, or that is how they prefer their relationship dynamic to be.

    Personally I'd rather be homeless than put myself in a situation where someone has the ability to take advantage of me because I don't have anything. At the end of the day people will treat you how you allow them to treat you.

  • well to feel like they help him a lot and are like a big thing on his life.

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